PPE Recycling

SamPPE offer an individual and personalised Recycle and Re-use PPE service to all size of businesses Nationwide.

Ecological and Economical

Ideal for any company wishing to reduce their Carbon Footprint as well as their PPE Expenditure.

Audit Trailing

SamPPE have the ability to offer full Audit Trailing and Batch Traceability on all Recycled PPE where required.

Collection & Delivery

Taking the hassle out of the Recycling process by offering both a used PPE Collection and Recycled PPE Delivery service.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Re-use and Recycling means your company will reduced it's damage to environmental and ecological resources.

  • Reducing PPE Spend

    Re-use and Recycling means your company will reduce it's bottom line on expenditure of PPE.

  • Audit Trailing

    Ensuring individual Quality Control specifications, resulting in total batch traceability or recycled PPE.

Welcome to Alpha SamPPE Recycling Ltd.

At Samppe we understand the issues and costs associated to companies that need to provide PPE gloves to their workforce, but normally once used, glove waste is collected and disposed of at landfill sites. Our studies have shown that the vast majority of used PPE gloves remain in a fit condition for re-use within the workplace. Re-use or Recycling would mean that a company’s bottom line on expenditure is reduced as well as the damage to environmental and ecological resources.

Recycle and Re-use

Samppe offer a Re-use and Recycling service for most form of glove PPE, reducing damage to environmental and ecological resources.

Ecological and Economical

Using Samppe Re-use and Recycling service would mean that your company’s bottom line on PPE expenditure is reduced.

Waste Management

Samppe are committed to recycling PPE work wear and want to work with our customers to reduce the amount of waste that is Land-filled.

Collection and Delivery

Samppe offer a collection and delivery service for our PPE Recycling and Re-use service, a major benefit to out customer's involvement.